Here at Lexden we’re all about comfort and good living but that does not mean at a cost to the environment. So, when the awareness campaign #PlasticFreeJuly was launched, we jumped on the bandwagon and took the opportunity to commit to reduce our use of plastic in the guesthouse. #PlasticFreeJuly is an awareness campaign encouraging people to look at their daily plastic use and implement strategies to reduce their use of especially single-use plastic. Here are four ways that we have reduced our plastic waste use; which you can implement in your home too:

  1. To keep our clients well-hydrated, we offer complimentary water in plastic bottles in our rooms. Plastic bottles are an example of single-use waste and (shockingly) we use approximately 100 to 150 bottles each month! We decided to get rid of plastic bottles altogether and have replaced them with reusable glass bottles – much better to look at and better for the environment!
  2. We also said good-bye to plastic bags; we have our groceries delivered in cardboard boxes which are both recyclable and biodegradable.
  3. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, have you noticed just how much plastic is used to wrap these items? To this end, we buy all our fruit and veg from the green grocer where all produce is loose and not pre-packed.
  4. We have never believed in using plastic straws.
  5. Instead of plastic wrap, we’ve switched to using kitchen towels to cover food when preparing meals.

We are already seeing a difference in the amount of waste that leaves our guesthouse and are inspired to continue to reduce our plastic footprint further. We love meeting people who share our passion for preserving the environment and so next time you are heading to, or through Pietermaritzburg, be sure to stay a night (or few) with us!!  


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