We at Lexden try to ensure that all our guests leave, after a stay at Lexden, remarking on a wonderful night’s sleep.

Sleeping well and waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead is a luxury we all deserve.

The ideal bedroom is where you can leave your stresses behind, rest and rejuvenate – here at Lexden, we have taken the utmost care to create bedrooms that combine luxury with aesthetic charm and matchless comforts.

But what goes into making the ideal bedroom? See below our definition of what makes for the model bedroom and how at Lexden we have created bedrooms that are made for comfort and relaxation.


Our rooms offer well-balanced layout ~ with our beds and dressers, nightstands, couches and desks arranged for optimal use, without overcrowding, allowing you to move comfortably and find a cozy, quiet spot to relax.

With high ceilings, large windows that open to garden views, and French doors, there is always plenty of fresh air and natural light in our rooms. They are also equipped with air conditioning, and fans to ensure that those hot Pietermaritzburg days are never a problem.


At Lexden, luxury is paramount. Our rooms are complemented by tranquil bathrooms, with free-standing bathtubs and wet-room showers, underfloor heating and essential luxuries such as bath sheets, towel warmers and a bath and shower range of luxury products.


Aesthetics weigh highly on our list for creating the perfect bedroom. We use calming colours that are pleasing to the eye and the mind throughout our rooms; have handpicked paintings and décor pieces – all with relaxation in mind.


A truly restful stay is essentially defined by a comfortable bed, and our plush double, queen XL and king beds dressed in breathable, luxurious cotton bedlinen with feather and down inners guarantee that you wake up refreshed and well rested.

We want our guests to experience luxury and comfort and our bedrooms resonate with our ethos of delivering the best. Our guests continue to return to us, perhaps they are sure that they receive the best we can offer.

To book a stay at Lexden contact us at bookings@lexden.co.za